This is the script of "AGK's uncle" written by AGKandRockman2001 and is similar to Atarster's version of this episode.

The characters in this episode will be: Leopold, Harold, Leonard, Leonidas, Gerald & Randy.

The voice actors will feature:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Harold as himself
  • Leonard as himself
  • Leonidas as himself
  • Fabrice as a delivery man and Randy
  • Gerald as himself
  • ??? as Bart
  • ??? as Martin
  • ??? as Milhouse

Enjoy reading the script:

AGKandRockman2001 Productions logo

The Angry German Kid Show intro

Title Card

Leopold: That Arthur.exe... It gave nightmares for days! Thanks to him, I will never watch Arthur ever again! Positive thinking. That was just a lost episode. Let's play some UT.

Harold: LEOPOLD!!!

Leopold: Was?

Harold: Come downstairs right now! I need to tell you something!

Leopold: I'm coming!

(Downstairs) Harold: Alright boys. Listen to me. Uncle Gerald will be coming over for a few days.

Ren & Stimpy - Dramatic Impact 3

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *scream*

Leonidas: Nein, papa! (No, dad!) Anything but him! He called a jackass when I was a baby!

Leonard: I agree with Leonidas! He's nasty because he burped on me when I was 5!

Leopold: Why he is coming over for a few days anyway? He keeps calling me a moron!

Harold: *laughs* Damn, your uncle did a lot of funny things to you, kids!

Leopold: That was not funny, dad!

Leonard: I agree with Leopold!

Doorbell rings

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *run away while screaming*

Harold: Wer ist da? (Who's there?) *opens door*

Delivery Man: So, you're Harold Slikk?

Harold: Ja.

Delivery Man: OK, here's your delivery.

Harold: Vielen Dank. (Thanks.)

(Upstairs) Leopold: This is bad. Our uncle is coming over to visit us.

Leonard: He is going to beat us up again, but harder than last time!

Harold: *screams* Are those the MLP DVDs I ordered online? At last they came today! I can watch it with Gerald! *screams in excitement*

Leopold: Da fuq is going on?

Leopard: Daddy is excited about something. But I don't wanna know what he's excited about.

Leonidas: Me neither.

Leopold: Positive thinking. Time for positive thinking. We can watch some funny videos.

10 minutes later

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *laugh*

(Downstairs) doorbell rings

Harold: Komm herein! (Come in.)

Gerald: *enters* Hallo, mein Bruder. (Hello, my brother.)

Harold: Hey there, bro! How's it going?

Gerald: I'm fine, if it wasn't for my son Leopard.

Harold: How about we watch My Little Pony, so you can forget about Leopard.

Gerald: Sicher. (Sure.)

(Upstairs) Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *laugh*

My Little Pony Opening

Harold & Gerald: *scream in excitement*

Leopold: What was that? Isn't that-

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *scream*

Leopold: Oh nein! Our uncle just arrived! And he is going to kill us!

Leonidas: That Diesel Busters is going to make a slushie out of us!

Leonard: This is going to suck big time!

Leopold: Let's calm down, everyone. We need to find a way to kick our uncle out of the house.

Super FNAF - Shadow Bonnie Theme

Harold & Gerald: *laughing*

Gerald: My Little Pony rocks, brother! It's way better than Candle Cove!

Harold: I agree with you. That show was bullshit, and creepy at the same time.

Gerald: Ja. Curse that Screaming Episode.

Harold: That episode made Father believe we're crazy by wathing static!

Leonard: Everything's OK. They are watching My Little Pony.

Harold: So brother, what do you want to eat tonight?

Gerald: I would like some sausage eggs. They are so delicious.

Leonidas: *laughs* My stomach is hun-

Leopold: *punches Leonidas* Cut it out, Leonidas! We don't want them to hear us!

Leonidas: Entschuldigung! (Sorry!)

Leonard: Alright guys. I have a plan to kick our uncle out. Follow me.

Later that night

Akumajou Densetsu - Nightmare

Martin?: This plan won't fail.

Harold: Alright boys. Dinner's ready!

Martin?: We're coming, dad!

(in the kitchen) Gerald: Huh?

Harold: Hey there, Bart, Milhouse & Martin.

Gerald: How are you guys doing?

Milhouse?: We're doing good, sir. How about you?

Gerald: I'm doing good, Milhouse.

Harold: Have you guys seen Leopold & his brothers?

Bart?: I think they're outside playing football.

(Outside) Harold: *opens door*

Harold & Gerald: *go outside*

door closes

Harold: Huh? Did the door close by itself?

Gerald: Ich weiss es nicht. (I don't know.)

Harold: *tries to open door* *knocks at door* What the fuck? Someone locked us out!

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *laugh*

Harold: Who could have done this to us?

Gerald: Don't worry, brother. I just brought this camping stuff in case someone locks us out.

Harold: Damn, you're so smart!

Leonard: Looks like our plan has worked.

Leonidas: That was great!

Leopold: *yawns* Well, I'm tired. We should go to bed.

Leonard: Agreed.

(Outside) Super FNAF - Aftermath

Harold: I didn't know you liked camping like me.

Gerald: Do you remember those times we went camping when we were kids?

Harold: Oh ja, I forgot about those moments. We sure had fun while camping!

Gerald: Ja, we sure did. Gute Nacht, Bruder. (Good night, brother.)

Harold: Gute Nacht. (Good night.)

The next morning

Leopold: That was great! Dad & Uncle have been locked outside!

Leonard: I agree with Leopold.

Leonidas: I heard them sleeping from outside last night.

Leonard: OK. Now that Dad & Uncle are at work, what should we do, bro?

Leopold: I have an idea. How about we send them troll messages?

Leonard: Oh ja, that should be fun.

Leopold: I go first.

Meanwhile, at Harold's office

Gerald: Wow, brother. Your workplace looks nice.

Randy: Hey Harold, who's this guy?

Harold: This is my brother, Gerald.

Randy: Oh. Nice to meet you, Gerald.

Gerald: Nice to meet you, Mr. Randolf.

You got mail

Harold: Let's see the mail, shall we?



Dear Harold,

We found the new My Little Pony episode for you and your brother to watch!

Click here!

Leopold Slikk.

Harold: *screams*

Gerald: Click on the link! I wanna see this episode!

Candle Cove Screaming Episode

Harold & Gerald: *scream*

Harold: What the fuck was that? OMG, that was The Screaming Episode!

Gerald: Calm down, brother.

Harold: Let's troll my kids back!

Back to Leopold

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *laughing*

Leopold: Thank you Leonard for telling me about that Screaming Episode! I bet they wet their pants!

You got mail

Leopold: Let's see what is this mail about.



Dear Leopold,

I found a website when you can order sausage eggs for free!

Click here!

Harold Slikk.

Leopold: YEAH!!! Sausage eggs! (X5) *clicks* … Da fuq? Where's this website?

Areku: *jumpscares*

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *scream*

Leopold: *smashes keyboard* That's Areku.exe! I just shat my pants! *screams*

Leonard: Let me try! I have a perfect one!

Back to Harold & Gerald

Harold & Gerald: *laughing*

You got mail

Harold: Was jetzt? (What now?)

Gerald: Let's hope it's not another jumpscare!



Dear Harold,

Hasbro Productions has released a new My Little Pony movie!

If you and your brother wanna watch it, click here!

Leonard Slikk.

Harold: *screams*

Gerald: Let's watch this MLP movie!

Harold: Da fuq? I don't see the Hasb-

Raynare: *jumpscares*

Harold & Gerald: *scream*

Gerald: That ugly lady just scared the living crap out of us!

Harold: I'll let you troll them back, bro.

Back to Leopold... again

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *laughing*

Leonard: I bet they'll have nightmares about Raynare for a few weeks!

You got mail

Leopold: Let's see what this is about.



Dear Leopold,

I found a trailer for a new Unreal Tournament game, hope you'll enjoy it!

Click here!

Gerald Slikk.

Leopold: *screams* YEAH!!! I can't wait to see it!

Suicide Mouse Footage by DiamondMinerStudios (skip to 6:57)

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *scream*

Leopold: NEIN!!! Not this shitty Suicide Mouse again! Fuck this shit! Go fuck yourself, Mickey!

Leonard: *cries* I'm so fricking annoyed right now!

Leonidas: Can I please send a troll message to Dad and Uncle?

Leonard: Sicher. (Sure.)

Back to Harold & Gerald... again

Harold & Gerald: *laughing*

You got mail

Harold: Damn it. Do I need to check it out?



Dear Harold,

I found on Toy R some MLP toys for free.

Click here!

Leonidas Slikk.

Harold: *screams* Let's get those toys for free!

Gerald: Oh gott nein. Please don't tell me what's gonna happen.

Fabrice: *jumpscares*

Harold & Gerald: *scream*

Harold: FUCK!!! That creepy Fabrice scared us!

Gerald: That's so it! Those brats are gonna a bad time!

At home

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *laugh*

Harold: *breaks door*

Leopold: Oh scheisse.

Harold: You little punks. Why did you troll us online?

Gerald: You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Leopold: Oh come on, we didn't mean to do that!

Harold: Well too bad 'cause you guys meant to troll us online!

Ren & Stimpy - Dramatic Impact 5

Harold & Gerald: You bastards are gonna a bad time with us!

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *scream* *get beaten up by Harold & Gerald*

To be continued... In Season 4...

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