This is the script of "AGK's grandpa returns" written by AGKandRockman2001 and is similar to Atarster's version of this episode.

The characters in this episode will be: Leopold, Harold, Leonard, Leonidas, Barry & Rias.

The voice actors will feature:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Harold as himself
  • Leonard as himself
  • Leonidas as himself
  • Barry as himself
  • CrazyNelsonSisters as Rias

Enjoy reading the script:

AGKandRockman2001 Productions logo

The Angry German Kid Show intro

Title Card

Leopold: Heilige scheisse. (Holy shit.) That dream was so horrible! I dreamed of Mickey Mouse, Fredbear, Dohnaseek, Kalawarner, Mittelt, and even Raynare! I swear, I'm gonna get my revenge on those morons someday! Positive thinking. Let's play some UT and forget about it.

Harold: Come downstairs, Leopold! I have something to tell you!

Leopold: I'm coming, dad!

(Downstairs) Harold: Listen to me, boys.

Leopold: So, what do you want to tell us?

Harold: After 7 months, your grandfather is declared dead.

Leonard: 7 months? Why couldn't you tell that earlier?

Harold: I had no news from him for about 2 months, and I realized that he was dead. However, it took me 5 months to try to find a way to announce it without harming you.

Barry: *breaks door* Wer hat gesagt, ich sei tot? (Who said I was dead?)

Ren & Stimpy - Dramatic Impact 1

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *run away while screaming*

Harold: Come in, dad.

Barry: Hallo, mein son! (Hello, son!)

Harold: It's great to see you again, dad! I thought you were dead!

Flashback start

Barry: After I fell down that cliff, I landed underwater.

Harold: How did you survive underwater?

Barry: I was able to swim to France. I stayed there for 3 months, then I visited England for 4 months.

Flashback end

Barry: And then, I decided to come back to Mannheim.

Harold: WOW! You sure were brave!

Barry: You can be proud of your dad. Anyway, where are Leopold & his brothers?

Harold: They are upstairs, dad.

Barry: Thanks.

(Upstairs) Leopold: This is bullshit. That Grumpy wasn't dead the whole time!

Leonard: Don't worry about that, bro.

Leonidas: He used to puke at me when I was 2.

Leopold: Take it easy, Leonidas. Maybe we should watch some Cyprien.

(In the corridor) Barry: *walks towards Leopold's room*

(In Leopold's room) Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *laughing*

Leopold: That french dude is hilarious! Oh god! That guy has weird dreams on how school would be better!

Leonard: I couldn't stop laughing!

Leonidas: I wanna go to France and meet Cyprien!

Leopold: I agree with you.

Barry: *breaks door with axe*

Leonard: What the heck? Is someone breaking your bedroom door?

Leopold: Maybe it was our grand- *screams* *Mega Man 8 - Wily Appears (MM7 remix by PrincessZelda2020)* Oh nein! It's our dumb grandpa! And he is ready for Round 2!

Barry: Barry's back in the house, motherfuckers!

Leonard: We are going to die!

Leonidas: We must hide, right now!

Barry: Alright, boys! I'm coming inside that room with my chainsaw! *pulls out chainsaw* *slices door with chainsaw* Alright you pricks! Where the fuck are you?

Leonidas: *farts*

Leopold: *sniff* Ewww. What is this smell? Did you just fart, Leonidas?

Barry: Is that you, Leopold?

Leonard: It smells horrible in there!

Leonidas: Sorry. I couldn't help it. Curse those beans!

Barry: Hey! I heard you from the closet, boys!

Leopold: Fuck!

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *break closet door* *run away while screaming*

Barry: *chases Leopold and his brothers*

(In the entry) Harold: *walking*

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *run away while screaming*

Barry: *chases Leopold and his brothers* Get your sorry asses over there, you little shits!

Harold: Oh mein gott. Something terrible is happening to the boys.

(Outside) Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *run away while screaming*

Rias: What is going on?

Barry: *chases Leopold and his brothers* Come back here! I'm not done with you, boys!

Rias: Oh my gosh! That old man is about to kill Leopold and his brothers!

(In the streets) Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *run away while screaming*

Barry: *chases Leopold and his brothers* Come back here right now!

Rias: Hold it right this instant!

(At the lake) Leopold: Schiesse. (X2) This is a dead end.

Leonard: That child molester is about to kill us, and this will be our final chapter!

Leonidas: Please tell me it's a nightmare!

Barry: Well, it's Game Over for you, jackasses!

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *scream*

Barry: Time's up, boys! All of you are going to hell!

Leopold: Oh ja? How about this? *turns into Devil form* I'll show you that I'm not a pipsqueak, you old prick!

Leonard: Don't let this fool get into you!

Battle start

The OffSpring – Have You Ever (Genesis Remix)

Barry: I have had enough of you, Leopold! *runs into Leopold*

Rias: Hadoken!

Barry: *gets hit by Dark Hadoken*

Battle end

Rias: Don't mess with my servant, you deadbeat!

Leopold: What the hell are you doing, Rias?

Rias: I finished off your grandfather before he could harm you and your brothers.

Leopold: Thanks a lot, Rias.

Barry: *gets up* Oh gosh. (X2) What on earth just happened?

Rias: You were about to kill your grandkids, and that showed that you want to go to hell.

Barry: I did want to kill them, but I don't want to harm them anymore.

Rias: If you really think that, then apologize to Leopold.

Barry: I'm very sorry that I wanted to kill you, your brothers, and your friends.

Leopold: Apology accepted, gramps.

Barry: I will promise not to harm you.

Rias: Besides, there is something I want to let you know.

Barry: What is it, ma'am?

Rias: Insulting my servants warrants death.

Barry: … Wait a minute. Is Leopold your servant?

Rias: Well, actually, he is. Maybe your son Harold never told you about this. But your grandson Leopold has been attacked by a Fallen Angel who disguised herself as an innocent girl.

Leopold: She is right, gramps. Behind an innocent girl can hide your worst nightmare. *shows photos of Raynare to Barry*

Barry: *looks at photos* I'm kinda confused. Will this happen to him again?

Rias: Litteraly, it is impossible for a girl to do this, but Raynare is the only exception. Not to mention that Fallen Angels have dirty tricks up their sleeves.

Barry: Leopold, can I tell you something?

Leopold: Ja, was ist es? (Yes, what is it?)

Barry: If you ever bring a girl to your house, I'll keep an eye on her. Just in case.

Leopold: Alright.

Leonard: Mama Rias! *hugs Rias*

Barry: Mama? Mama Rias! *laughs*

Rias: Just in case you didn't know, I cheered up Leonard after his brother's death. How rude of you.

Barry: Sorry about that.

Rias: Apology accepted, Grandpa Slikk.

Leopold: Wanna watch at my house with Rias, grandpa?

Barry: I would love to, Leopold.

Leopold: Let's go to my house.

Leopold, Barry & Rias: *leave*

Leonard: Wait for us!

Leonard & Leonidas: *leave*

Sonic Overture - Act Complete (skip to 0:24)

Sonic Generations - S Rank

At Leopold's house

Barry: *goes to the living room*

Leopold: Grandpa, where are you going?

Barry: I'm gonna have a talk with your father. I'll back in a few minutes.

Leonard: OK.

Barry: Alright son, why didn't you tell me about it?

Harold: What are you talking about?

Barry: Don't play dummies with me! You already know what I'm talking about.

Harold: Nein?

Barry: Tell me why you didn't tell me about Leopold's death 9 months ago?

Harold: Please forgive me for this, dad. I feared that you would have a heart attack if I told it to you.

Barry: Nice try, but that red-hair girl told me about it. And I understood what is going on with Leopold. For not letting me know this tragic event, I'm going to beat you up to death!

Harold: *screams*

Barry: *beats up Harold*



This is the script for episode 82 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series. The whole episode was requested by Adrenaline21 while the script of this episode written by GeneBernardinoLawl and Adrenaline21, created by GeneBernardinoLawl.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Leonidas Slikk
  • Leonard Slikk
  • Sean Slikk
  • Leorich Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Barry Slikk
  • 40T10
  • Hoppus
  • Jake Randolf


Cue: Rockman Zero 4-Holy Land

Harold: Kids, your grandfather maybe dead or lost to be nowhere because we can't find him anymore.

Leopold: So, if my grandfather lost means I'm still free to do anything.

Harold: What an asshole and take it seriously.

Leonidas: He's just going into the cafe to meet internet people.

Harold: No way, Leonidas. Your imagination has overpowered my speech.

Leonidas: Maybe Leopold pushed him away from the cliff and I don't know if he's still be founded alive after much time spent as you say, dad.

Harold: Perfect and let...

*door opened*

Barry: Hello, kids.

*Scratching disk*

Cue: Dun-Dun-Dunnn

*Zooming into Leopold. Leonidas and Leonard's shock expression*

Leopold, Leonidas and Leonard: *Screaming then running*

Barry: What's wrong with your son, kiddo?

Harold: Uhm... Eheheh... Maybe they hate you because your terrible actions towards them. So, they'll go into trauma.

Barry: WTF? Are you serious, Harold?

Harold: Yes, and you're the worst grandfather by the kids as they call you gross.

Barry: That little shits! I'm not forgive you what are you say! *runs into upstairs*

Leopold: Hahahaha, Superman 64 from AVGN makes me laugh.

Leonidas: Maybe the game itself just worse than internet people.

Leonard: Right, because of terrible controls, bad environment, and all of them are just incomplete build of Superman 64 game.

Leopold: Let's watch into the other episode about Bugs Bunny.

Leonidas: Yeah!


Hoppus: What is going on here?


40T10: That was Leopold's grandfather who trying to kill me, Leopold, his brothers and Fabrice.

More will be written soon...