This is the script of "AGK's grandpa returns" written by AGKandRockman2001 and is similar to Atarster's version of this episode.

The characters in this episode will be: Leopold, Harold, Leonard, Leonidas, Barry & Rias.

The voice actors will feature:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Harold as himself
  • Leonard as himself
  • Leonidas as himself
  • Barry as himself
  • CrazyNelsonSisters as Rias

Enjoy reading the script:

AGKandRockman2001 Productions logo

The Angry German Kid Show intro

Title Card

Leopold: Heilige scheisse. (Holy shit.) That dream was so horrible! I dreamed of Mickey Mouse, Fredbear, Dohnaseek, Kalawarner, Mittelt, and even Raynare! I swear, I'm gonna get my revenge on those morons someday! Positive thinking. Let's play some UT and forget about it.

Harold: Come downstairs, Leopold! I have something to tell you!

Leopold: I'm coming, dad!

(Downstairs) Harold: Listen to me, boys.

Leopold: So, what do you want to tell us?

Harold: After 7 months, your grandfather is declared dead.

Leonard: 7 months? Why couldn't you tell that earlier?

Harold: I had no news from him for about 2 months, and I realized that he was dead. However, it took me 5 months to try to find a way to announce it without harming you.

Barry: *breaks door* Wer hat gesagt, ich sei tot? (Who said I was dead?)

Ren & Stimpy - Dramatic Impact 1

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *run away while screaming*

Harold: Come in, dad.

Barry: Hallo, mein son! (Hello, son!)

Harold: It's great to see you again, dad! I thought you were dead!

Flashback start

Barry: After I fell down that cliff, I landed underwater.

Harold: How did you survive underwater?

Barry: I was able to swim to France. I stayed there for 3 months, then I visited England for 4 months.

Flashback end

Barry: And then, I decided to come back to Mannheim.

Harold: WOW! You sure were brave!

Barry: You can be proud of your dad. Anyway, where are Leopold & his brothers?

Harold: They are upstairs, dad.

Barry: Thanks.

(Upstairs) Leopold: This is bullshit. That Grumpy wasn't dead the whole time!

Leonard: Don't worry about that, bro.

Leonidas: He used to puke at me when I was 2.

Leopold: Take it easy, Leonidas. Maybe we should watch some Cyprien.

(In the corridor) Barry: *walks towards Leopold's room*

(In Leopold's room) Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *laughing*

Leopold: That french dude is hilarious! Oh god! That guy has weird dreams on how school would be better!

Leonard: I couldn't stop laughing!

Leonidas: I wanna go to France and meet Cyprien!

Leopold: I agree with you.

Barry: *breaks door with axe*

Leonard: What the heck? Is someone breaking your bedroom door?

Leopold: Maybe it was our grand- *screams* *Mega Man 8 - Wily Appears (MM7 remix by PrincessZelda2020)* Oh nein! It's our dumb grandpa! And he is ready for Round 2!

Barry: Barry's back in the house, motherfuckers!

Leonard: We are going to die!

Leonidas: We must hide, right now!

Barry: Alright, boys! I'm coming inside that room with my chainsaw! *pulls out chainsaw* *slices door with chainsaw* Alright you pricks! Where the fuck are you?

Leonidas: *farts*

Leopold: *sniff* Ewww. What is this smell? Did you just fart, Leonidas?

Barry: Is that you, Leopold?

Leonard: It smells horrible in there!

Leonidas: Sorry. I couldn't help it. Curse those beans!

Barry: Hey! I heard you from the closet, boys!

Leopold: Fuck!

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *break closet door* *run away while screaming*

Barry: *chases Leopold and his brothers*

(In the entry) Harold: *walking*

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *run away while screaming*

Barry: *chases Leopold and his brothers* Get your sorry asses over there, you little shits!

Harold: Oh mein gott. Something terrible is happening to the boys.

(Outside) Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *run away while screaming*

Rias: What is going on?

Barry: *chases Leopold and his brothers* Come back here! I'm not done with you, boys!

Rias: Oh my gosh! That old man is about to kill Leopold and his brothers!

(In the streets) Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *run away while screaming*

Barry: *chases Leopold and his brothers* Come back here right now!

Rias: Hold it right this instant!

(At the lake) Leopold: Schiesse. (X2) This is a dead end.

Leonard: That child molester is about to kill us, and this will be our final chapter!

Leonidas: Please tell me it's a nightmare!

Barry: Well, it's Game Over for you, jackasses!

Leopold, Leonard & Leonidas: *scream*

Barry: Time's up, boys! All of you are going to hell!

Leopold: Oh ja? How about this? *turns into Devil form* I'll show you that I'm not a pipsqueak, you old prick!

Leonard: Don't let this fool get into you!

Battle start

The OffSpring – Have You Ever (Genesis Remix)

Barry: I have had enough of you, Leopold! *runs into Leopold*

Rias: Hadoken!

Barry: *gets hit by Dark Hadoken*

Battle end

Rias: Don't mess with my servant, you deadbeat!

Leopold: What the hell are you doing, Rias?

Rias: I finished off your grandfather before he could harm you and your brothers.

Leopold: Thanks a lot, Rias.

Barry: *gets up* Oh gosh. (X2) What on earth just happened?

Rias: You were about to kill your grandkids, and that showed that you want to go to hell.

Barry: I did want to kill them, but I don't want to harm them anymore.

Rias: If you really think that, then apologize to Leopold.

Barry: I'm very sorry that I wanted to kill you, your brothers, and your friends.

Leopold: Apology accepted, gramps.

Barry: I will promise not to harm you.

Rias: Besides, there is something I want to let you know.

Barry: What is it, ma'am?

Rias: Insulting my servants warrants death.

Barry: … Wait a minute. Is Leopold your servant?

Rias: Well, actually, he is. Maybe your son Harold never told you about this. But your grandson Leopold has been attacked by a Fallen Angel who disguised herself as an innocent girl.

Leopold: She is right, gramps. Behind an innocent girl can hide your worst nightmare. *shows photos of Raynare to Barry*

Barry: *looks at photos* I'm kinda confused. Will this happen to him again?

Rias: Litteraly, it is impossible for a girl to do this, but Raynare is the only exception. Not to mention that Fallen Angels have dirty tricks up their sleeves.

Barry: Leopold, can I tell you something?

Leopold: Ja, was ist es? (Yes, what is it?)

Barry: If you ever bring a girl to your house, I'll keep an eye on her. Just in case.

Leopold: Alright.

Leonard: Mama Rias! *hugs Rias*

Barry: Mama? Mama Rias! *laughs*

Rias: Just in case you didn't know, I cheered up Leonard after his brother's death. How rude of you.

Barry: Sorry about that.

Rias: Apology accepted, Grandpa Slikk.

Leopold: Wanna watch at my house with Rias, grandpa?

Barry: I would love to, Leopold.

Leopold: Let's go to my house.

Leopold, Barry & Rias: *leave*

Leonard: Wait for us!

Leonard & Leonidas: *leave*

Sonic Overture - Act Complete (skip to 0:24)

Sonic Generations - S Rank

At Leopold's house

Barry: *goes to the living room*

Leopold: Grandpa, where are you going?

Barry: I'm gonna have a talk with your father. I'll back in a few minutes.

Leonard: OK.

Barry: Alright son, why didn't you tell me about it?

Harold: What are you talking about?

Barry: Don't play dummies with me! You already know what I'm talking about.

Harold: Nein?

Barry: Tell me why you didn't tell me about Leopold's death 9 months ago?

Harold: Please forgive me for this, dad. I feared that you would have a heart attack if I told it to you.

Barry: Nice try, but that red-hair girl told me about it. And I understood what is going on with Leopold. For not letting me know this tragic event, I'm going to beat you up to death!

Harold: *screams*

Barry: *beats up Harold*


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