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I can't comment on any article!

To all Slikkers, I have a problem. I cannot comment on any article page. Not even my own. Are any of you having the same problem as me?
UPDATE: The problem might be fixed by now.
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My files are back, but how to convert CHK files??

So after my Flash Driver had virus, on my "Videos" folder where all my AGK Projects were, I managed to kill the virus and recovered my files (I hope it's all of them) Now my problem is that the files are CHK files (Windows recovering) some say they can be converted back to original, while others says they can't. Do you guys know how to convert the CHK files?
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I tried creating an AGK Discord server. Would you mind joining?

I do remember there was an already existing AGK server, but somehow vanished and I can't find it anymore anywhere. So I made this group overnight, stayed up until 5 AM for this. But I hope this would be useful!
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Discord
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Interwiki links to German and Indonesian AGK Wiki

Some of you may know about the Polish AGK Wiki because of interwiki links on some pages. Some time ago I found out about AGK Wikis in German and Indonesian ( and What do you think about adding interwiki links to them?
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I May Be Changing How I Want My AGK Series to Be Like

I am here to talk about some changes I am (possibly) going to make.
1. Removing Hitler and Hitler Parody Characters
Reason: I'm losing interest of Downfall Parodies. I plan to remove Adolf Hitler and all Hitler Parody characters from my AGK series. This is my only major reason because the other major reason is personal.
2. Making New Sprites, Backgrounds & More
Reason: I prefer to have mostly my own sources.
3. Character Replacements
Reason: There are some characters that I don't want in my series, so I will be replacing some characters with other characters.
4. Season and Episode Changes
Reason: I don't like my Episodes List and I want to change it.
5. Styles, Softwares, and Influences
Reason: I feel like I may be trying to use too many softwares at once, and I think I should use a few at a time. I might keep all of my styles, but I do want the right influences.

If more changes need to be made, I will add them here.

Message to Adrenaline21: I don't think you're going to like this, but I feel like this is for my own good. I hope you understand.
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Check out my AGK Series

I've made 6 episodes on my AGK series and am now uploading my 7th right now. You can check it out on my channel if you like.
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I was thinking of Creating an AGK Series.

Well, I was a newcomer here and man, I really wanted to create an AGK Series. I just wanted anyone to help me for starters, some mentors, some helpers, and most importantly, an Official AGK Discord.

Now, I've already have an YouTube channel (DerDingo), which I've had been activated, but rarely used. I was hoping that I have some necessary resources, but... I don't have any Video Editing Programs, audio and video templates, text to speech programs, and have bad grammar, which leads my story progression pointless and completely boring.

But I do have, an Elgato Capture Card, NS Switch, XBOX One, XBOX 360, and basically, an Gaming Laptop (which is been used as an everyday computer for my family). I've also got myself a Yeti Microphone, and some decent games that I'll capture some gaming footage.

So, what do you guy's think? Please leave some comments and do give me some helpful tips and tricks, and some advice. Thank you.
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Announcement about making List pages

If you make separate non-notable pages like "List of Characters In Your Series", you should note that, if you don't make them into blog posts or a subpage, your page will be deleted WITHOUT any notice (for not being notable).

The wiki has been cluttered with too many unnecesarry list pages, so this change will be applied.
If you made a separate page that only contains a list of characters (that is non-notable), you should rename the page into a subpage (for example "Yourusername/page") or you can copy it in a new blog post instead (also keep in mind that notability policies don't apply to blogs and specific subpages), otherwise your page will be deleted for being non-notable.
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Reminder before using discussions

Earlier, you couldn't post blogs. And if you wondered why, it's because Nelson added a filter that prevented users from creating blogs. I decided to disable and delete that filter so you guys can use blogs again.
The reason why i am bringing back blogs is because Discussions doesn't load quicker, and the great disadvantage of discussions is that you couldn't use wikitext. Now that i brought back blogs, you can now create blogs (it's much quicker than discussions) here:
CreateBlogPage Angry German Kid Wiki
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This post is locked.

My decision to retire has been changed - it's now permanent

I am sorry, but I have to say this:

I quit making AGK videos, due to what happened:

1. I've grown more interest on doing Splatoon SFM videos over making Reloaded episodes now, two of my Facebook friends (Annalena Schick and Cyan Splat Kid) do them.

2. Tests reveal that I'm an overhated Slikker due to me feuding with Walter Austin (about me impersonating AGK82 way back in 2014) and POKEGAMERZ 9185 (over one of his AGK videos which he could not handle the negative criticism) back in 2016. While Walter Austin went to my side, I still have a burning hatred over PG9185 due to him mocking me with his awful GoAnimate videos after ranting on him using Microsoft Sam.

3. My "Hitler scares a guy in Scary Maze" video got taken down four days ago, further declining any possibilities of continuing AGK Movie 2 Part 2, Reloaded episode 4c, or other future parodies.

4. Personal work with BLOODSTREAMS BATTLES™ ONLINE (a browser game I am making) further prevented me from being any more active.

5. All of the familiar concepts before the fourth generation that turned into clichéd concepts are heavily stressing me out. Also, the idea to turn Leopold into a gangster and a killer like Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V has got to be the WORST idea I've came up with for modern episodes of Reloaded.

It's been a nice four-year run making people laugh with Adventures, Rebooted, Unleashed and the short-lived Reloaded...

I'm also taking a permanent leave with TTS due to me losing JohnKyle Enterprises and Robbie Rotten for being repetitive...

But don't worry about my videos, I'm not deleting all of my AGK videos like Cansin13 or BlueSlash71 (TheCrazinessCat) did so that I don't have to get them hunted down and reuploaded by other fans/Slikkers.

And despite losing interest on doing AGK, I'll also still watch your AGK videos and give them comments — so there's no need to worry about losing me on the community, I'm going back as an AGK fan like in 2012, not a Slikker.

Jayden Montoya (Icepenguins101), signing out for the Slikking business.
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New AGK maker here, how do I boost my fame on youtube making AGK?

Well, to be fair, I am FallenAGKvideos, I don't really want to make AGK videos on this youtube account anymore since I have begun making other videos, im about to change the name of the FallenAGK youtube channel and im going to make another channel JUST for AGK videos, meaning that I will get ''reborn'' as another AGK maker just with another name,

so since I am now a new AGK maker, How do I boost my fame by making AGK videos? do I have to use tags or certain keywords or even use the worst thing in the whole world (cliches)

Also, as proof that I am FallenAGK, here is the full channel banner that I never showed anyone.

Thank you for reading my post,

- A ''new'' AGK maker.....??

( Also, you can edit my FallenAGKvideos page as ''Retired'' and also fill it up. just don't put my real name in there. )
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Who wants to be the last member of Dark World Guardians?

I've made the corrupted slikkers as antagonists by Nova to eliminate all of Leopold's crew and I gave their names as:
*Noah Riegel (Atarster)
*James McStick (PSF)
*Fabrice Laroche (AGK&R2001, although he didn't make an AGK Episode earlier, possibly he's the future Slikker)
*Jaiden Romario van Dahlmanns (PVMAGKVideos)
*The Blue Pony Video Maker (AGK&VM2000)
*Jayden Montoya
*Gene Bernardino (GBL)
*Joey Slikk and...
*Nick Skiles (AGK82)
And I made the episodes that include them before I finished my Season 1. As for now, I remove AGK Megaman for some reason to find the last member to be eliminated and saved by Leopold's crew in my AGK Series. So, who wants to be the last member of Dark World Guardians for my AGK Series Season 3? And you can answer as you want!!
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Invalid token?

So when I try to upload a picture of my newest characters to my page, I get a message says "AGK.Wikia says: Invalid Token" What am I doing wrong?
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AGK Simpsons version? XD

The first that popped up in my mind, is AGK Records his dad (Various Slikkers) :D Do you agree with me? I found funny though as Homer is Harold and Bart is Leopold, not in the cartoon though.
The Simpsons - Angry Dad
The Simpsons - Angry Dad YouTube
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Reminder before editing the Leopold Slikk page

Because of the page length it's now splitted in two pages:
Leopold Slikk (Portrayer)
Leopold Slikk (Character)
From now on, if you wanna add information regarding your series, do it on the Leopold Slikk (Character) page.
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Who still makes AGK Parodies?

No doubt that Adrenaline21 and I (Privateer Bouncher) is still making parodies. But who ells than us, are still going on? All the Veterans like AGK82, Atarster, TheKewlOne and the list goes on has all retired. UsefulAGKhelper is not counted as retired, but he doesn't make parodies either.
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8 User of Haris18

Jaguars18 (Haris18 is back again)
F...,ng Nî....s

hi Guys its Mondo, im back wiki. We have saved 8 users of Haris18 the one who did create all his accounts in 2015 and 2018 that would create all his accounts. impossible I do not believe it

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Get Ready for the Season 2 Finale!!!

The Angry German Kid Show was Finally ended on the Season 2 is called AGK gets locked by a Closet
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My retirement is only temporary

I'm only taking a short time to keep myself retired until I finish my browser game.
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The reason why I changed my Fullmetal Alchemist Page to Hatsune Miku.

If you want to know why I renamed and changed my "Edward Elric" Page to Hatsune Miku, it's basically because I feel that Fullmetal Alchemist won't be relevant to Angry German Kid, plus, Angry German Kid parodists like reddevils, DewElr1, and AGKMegaman have added Hatsune Miku to some of their Angry German Kid parodies, considering Miku is more well known than Fullmetal Alchemist.
Taito2012, Signing off.
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